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Foot Care

As we age, there are parts of our routine that we are unable to continue on our own. Foot care is one such routine and extremely important when tending to the health of seniors. When we are young, we’re able to easily tend to our feet to clip our toenails, monitor circulation and take note of any changes that we might see. But, because seniors tend to have trouble with their own foot care, it's essential to their overall health to still have this service performed.

At Mountain Home Care, our foot care professionals provide comprehensive foot care, including:

Elderly foot care is so important because there can be early warning signs of some systemic diseases present in a person's foot. Uneven or jagged toenails, circulatory problems, discoloration or numbness are just a few indicators noted by our foot care professionals. Foot disorders may reduce a patient's mobility, causing them to require a higher level of care from their caregiver. Regular attendance to a patient's feet can reduce pain and increase mobility, allowing them to continue at least some of their regular routine.

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