Nursing services

Elective Surgery Support

If you have put off needed non-emergency surgeries due to lack of support and uncertainties regarding recovery time and support, or worried about burdening family or friends, Mountain Home Care offers a service for you. Our Professional Nurse team will organize and manage a care plan package especially for you. Nurse can accompany you to your pre-op appointment and help organize your home to prepare for recovery. Nurse can also accompany you to surgery and/or pick you up post surgery, pick up your post-op medications and help you settle at home. Nurse will direct assigned caregivers, should you need any with post-op dicharge orders and caregivers can provide 24/7 care through post-op follow up appointments and after as needed. And Nurse can accompany you to any post-op appointments as well as manage continued care should you need it. The entire plan is designed and priced up front and adjusted as needed to make the process as simple effective as possible.

Services include:

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