It’s an exciting time in Hendersonville as we enter into August. Everyone is gearing up for apple picking season and the time-honored tradition of the Apple Festival. Hendersonville has hosted the Apple Festival for over 60 years! This tradition includes live music, crafts, fresh apple products and of course, a street festival. This is a great time for the family to get together and enjoy Hendersonville’s heritage for an entire long weekend.

At Mountain Home Care we specialize in helping to identify when it is time to consider at-home care for you or your loved one. It can be a scary time, realizing that you or someone that you care about are no longer able to function daily without any assistance. There are a few reasons why at-home care is preferable to care in a facility.

With the Fourth of July approaching tomorrow, we wanted to take the time to put together a list of tips on how best to take care of your loved ones while celebrating. There’s no need to spend your entire day inside, keeping these tips in mind will help to take the pressure off and allow everyone to soak up the sun, sit back and relax.

By Laura Lauzon, Park Ridge Health Home Health


The skin protects against heat, sunlight, injury and infection.  Skin also helps control body temperature and stores water and fat.  The skin has several layers.  Skin cancer begins in the epidermis (outer layer) which is made up of squamous cells, basal cells and melanocytes.

The summertime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. The weather is nice, and providing your allergies cooperate, getting fresh air and absorbing vitamin D (with the proper sunscreen of course!) can make for a relaxing morning, afternoon or evening. There are some tips that are important to follow during the summer as you age, though, and here at Mountain Home Care we’ve compiled a list for you to stay healthy and happy this summer!