As we age, the mechanics of simply taking care of our feet and practicing good podiatry can become arduous, especially for the elderly. Mountain Home Care knows the importance of taking care of your feet and offers in-home foot care services for the elderly. This is a service that they often cannot handle by themselves. Though a necessary service, in-home foot care and treatment can feel like a treat to the recipient, as well. Here is a complete article from USA Today explaining the importance of foot care.

When considering in-home care and how aging is affecting your parents, consider Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

The test detects levels of beta-amyloid, a protein linked to the neurodegenerative condition. A build-up of beta-amyloid can become a sticky plaque which is thought to block signaling between cells at synapses and cause Alzheimer's disease.

Here’s a to-do list for preventing dementia, new research suggests: Ditch red meat, take a brisk walk to the grocery store, do the Sunday crossword and stick to one glass of wine at dinner.

Scientists are closing in on a long-sought goal — a blood test to screen people for possible signs of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.